Dash Cam Installation

If you have ever been in an accident you know how hard it is to sort out witnesses, whose at fault and claim through your insurer! 

Now, (and because your insurer won’t pay out until they have found the offender) many drivers are choosing Dash Cams to stop the hassle and inconvenience associated with having an accident…

Dash Cams are particularly useful for;

  • Evidence of an accident
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Report Bad Drivers
  • Parking Protection
  • Vehicle Abuse
  • Personal Safety

We use and recommend Blackvue. Audio Conceptz Will come to you and install your dash camera system professionally and discretely with next to no visible wires and hardwired to the vehicles fuse box so no unsightly power plugs on the dash. We can also supply and install the power magic pro unit to allow the camera’s to keep recording after the vehicle has turned off. This units monitors the vehicles battery and turns the cams off if the battery levels starts to drop near the preset value.


Blackvue DR750-2CH-16g + Powermagic pro unit Fitted from $799 including call out !!!


   GPS                                  30FPS REAR


The award winning unique design of BlackVue cameras enables a discreet installation and easy access to features and useful functions.



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